Why improving your CX is a good idea

improving your CX

The main goal that a contact centre should strive to achieve is improving the CX or Customer Experience. Why? The reason why is a good idea to improve this metric, is that it takes, on average, about 5 times the effort (and cost) to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. In addition, […]

RPA in Banking and Financial Services


Banks and financial institutions need to gather more information about prospects to make better decisions on loans, as well as reducing their financial risk. Also, customers want to be educated on the product beforehand so there are no surprises when decision-time comes. Below is the process that many businesses in the banking and financial services […]

Conversational AI, ChatBot

Conversational AI

ChatBots are a great way to have conversations with customers who only buy from your business once. However, ChatBot’s lack of flexibility and natural tone make them less ideal for a more relational clientele as well as those clients looking to establish connections over time that could lead into regular purchases down the line! Conversational […]

The Stockdale paradox

Stockdale paradox

James Stockdale was a US Navy Admiral who survived captivity after being taken prisoner during the Vietnam War and enduring over 7 years of tortures and extremely poor conditions. After being liberated he wrote numerous books about his experience and what helped him, balancing the reality he was in with his final aim which was […]

3 x good things this lockdown has left behind…


The sales process today has changed significantly, especially with regard to a crucial aspect: face-to-face meetings. Until now meetings were the main ingredient of each successful negotiation. In recent months though we have all focused on new ways to adapt to the new situation imposed by lockdown. As sales people know, companies initially are sceptical […]