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What is Speech Analytics?

Grow your business by analysing the input you receive from your customers

Speech analytics includes multiple technologies such as text-to-speech conversion, audio analysis, natural language processing, automatic speech recognition and it is, very simply, the analysis of your phone calls, done automatically, using an AI powered engine.

It is so powerful that can open up a multitude of new opportunities for your business.

Firstly, it allows to understand better how your business operations function and what are the activities your customers really value. Then it enables you to modify and improve them thanks to the valuable input that it provides for training and business development activities.


You have a wealth of information collected on your customers that is not used effectively


Your competitors are growing but your business is missing valuable opportunities to improve its offering


Managers need to listen to phone calls, often a boring task that provides data only on 5% of the phone calls


Speech Analytics software can listen to all calls automatically, in real-time, 24/7 doing exactly what experienced people do, improving its algorithms with time and at a fraction of the cost you have now


More motivated employees, excellent customers testimonials, your business that grows

Scaleable solutions

We provide a solution that can grow with you, providing timely response and short resolution time. Also, our competitive pricing makes us the company of choice for many businesses. 

Why is important now?

AI is being gradually implemented everywhere and you need to act fast before your competitors do, learning from your customers and using their feedback to update your offering to the market.

With Speech Analytics you can listen to your customers more.

Why work with Adooa? Let's Recap

Cost and Time Saving

Feature Rich



  • Managed service - We oversee the whole development process and offer competitive pricing.
  • Time-saving - We will only suggest the best technology that suits your budget and business needs, saving  you considerable time. 
  • Working with you - Here at adooa we want to ensure the solution proposed is right for you. We will work alongside your team to analyse your business and provide solutions that bring real savings.
  • Outstanding Support - We understand the challenges of running a business and the importance of providing a relevant and timely response. Our support team is always on hand when you need help.

Some examples

Speech analytics was used with success in the following industries:
- finance
- insurance
- travel
- telecoms
- not for profit

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