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You want to drive the conversation engaging your customers more, understanding their key emotions, their pain-points, the positive sentiment.

Also, finding the right skills is sometimes difficult and you would like a way to speak more to your customers while answering to these initial conversations using AI and escalating them to the right team when needed.

Complying with the laws and guidelines in the financial and insurance sectors is sometimes challenging and you are looking for a solution that allows you to follow these rules whilst continuing your present growth.

Adooa is a technology consultancy specialising in AI with focus on speech-analytics and conversational AI to analyse the interaction with the customer. Working with ambitious businesses that want to grow their profitability, we analyse the way they interact with customers making sales and QA teams more efficient.

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Grow your business with Speech-Analytics and Conversational AI



Speech-Analytics enables you to understand the intent of your customers, which words influence the most and provide that valuable feedback to empower your agents.

Conversational AI

Starting with a chat, Conversational AI gradually moves the conversation to a person, helping the agents to add value where they are most needed.

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AI is being implemented very rapidly everywhere. More affordable storage, high speed of processing power and distributed knowledge means that technology is deployed faster than ever before. You cannot afford to take more time.

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Adooa is a technology consultancy that selects premium software giving you peace of mind when running your business.

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In-depth knowledge of call-centres operating in Finance and Insurance

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Engaging only with companies leading the way in AI, to help your business innovate and scale-up


Quality pre-sales and after-sales support in collaboration with our trusted suppliers
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We are TV and radio production company based in London and have been using VOIspeed for nearly 5 years. The size of our teams are constantly fluctuating due to the freelance industry so the fact that the technology is so flexible is a real bonus. It adapts easily to the changing number of users and extensions which is essential to us. We would highly recommend them to all companies!

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AI, telecoms and automation solutions are deployed in many different sectors. However, applications are prevalent in the finance and insurance sectors.


Speech-Analytics enables you to Unlock the potential of your financial company with speech analytics and conversational AI for an improved compliance and risk management process, increased fraud detection, and enhanced customer service. Gain valuable insights, personalise customer experiences, and streamline your operations. Elevate customer satisfaction while staying ahead of the competition. Empower your financial future today.


Transform your insurance company thanks to speech analytics and conversational AI solutions. Delight customers with 24/7 personalised assistance, expedite claims processing, and enhance fraud detection. Leverage data-driven insights, optimise operations, and provide exceptional customer service. Stay ahead in the industry with our cutting-edge technology. Advance your insurance journey now.

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