Music on hold disclaimer

We are clarifying here the scope of rights and obligations for the use of the “Music On Hold” provided with a  telephone system distributed or sold directly by Adooa Limited. This is an informative piece that is not meant to provide legal advice and therefore should not be used in any legal litigation. 

In the United Kingdom, in USA and most EU countries if you want your phone system to play music while a call is placed on hold, you most likely will have to pay a fee to the copyright holder. In the United Kingdom two agencies (PRS and PPL) are responsible to collect payments and enforce compliance with Copyright law.  PRS (Performing Rights Society) is responsible to collect royalties on behalf of the composer of the music whereas the PPL (Public Performance Licence) collects royalties on behalf of the performer. As the use of music without a valid copyright licence is a legal offence you must be sure to have the right authorisation before playing any music with your telephone system. 

Only in exceptional circumstances PPL and PRS licences are not required. For example, a PRS licence is not required if a composer died more than 70 years ago and a PPL licence is not required if the music was recorded, or its recording was released, more than 50 years ago. If you are familiar with the subject of copyright licensing you understand that this is a very intricate subject of law that is often interpreted differently from one Country to another. 

Here at Adooa Limited, we wish to reduce the likelihood of our clients having to engage in lengthy legal proceedings with copyright companies. With this intent in mind we have decided to use only music that is freely available over the internet for everyone to enjoy and share for our phone systems. In particular, our Adooa on hold music is licensed under the Creative Commons licence 4.0 and it is therefore free for anyone to use, also for commercial purposes, as long as due credit is given to the author Audionautix.  A Creative Commons Licence 4.0 lets others distribute, remix, modify and build upon the work, even commercially, as long as credit is given for the original.   

If you wish to amend the music or use PRS or PPL licences with your own selected music, we are only too happy to upload it to your phone system, just contact our engineers at with the music and licence.