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Take credit card payments over the phone and no longer worry about the PCI DSS process

To take a card payment legally, you need to be PCI compliant, which is expensive, time and resource intensive and nearly impossible when you have remote workforce.

If your business is not PCI compliant you risk fines (often hidden in monthly fees), frauds (with damages to your brand), unsecure data and, in more severe cases, loss of payment facility or a personal sanction by the ICO of up to £0.5M to the directors of the business.

Our solution is a simple interface that allows your agents to take a credit card payment over the phone without treating any financial data. In effect your business will be “out of scope” for PCI DSS purposes, and you will be safe in the knowledge that your transactions are managed directly by the bank and your data is treated securely and lawfully.

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Secure payments

When a credit card payment is required, customers enter their card details securely via the phone’s keypad so that data are sent directly to your bank. In this way the transaction is PCI DSS compliant and your business doesn’t have to worry about the PCI process.
Your employees take payments over the phone so your clients can pay for services. All information processed must be PCI compliant.

The biggest risk? Losing customers forever.

  • Your company may face big fines if you are not compliant.
  • You may not be able to take credit card payments anymore.
  • Higher costs for compliance/processing on future payments.
  • Liability on possible mishandling of user’s data.
  • Legal costs for dealing with fraud.

Complying with PCI regulations with a traditional solution, means that you must invest in:

  1.  A secure IT infrastructure: reducing the risk of fraud and secure your customers’ data.
  2. Internal quality control processes: protecting confidential data at all times.
  3. Ongoing training: monitoring compliance by all employees and managers.

Our solution makes your business out of scope for PCI-DSS purposes in three simple steps..

The agent enters a secure website to process credit card transactions. While on the phone with the agent, the customer enters the long number and CVV code on their phone’s keypad.

Once the client has finished entering the numbers, all details are sent securely to the Payment Service Provider and not shown to the agent.

Once the transaction has been completed the agent will see a token on the screen that can be pasted into an email or CRM.


The main benefits of using our technology and being PCI compliant:

  1. Time saved
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Happier Customers
  4. No need to replace existing equipment or phones

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