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At Adooa, we provide a service that allows you to take secure payments over the phone, ensuring that agents cannot see payment details or other personal data, even when working from home.

By using an industry-leading, ring-fenced system for handling payments, your company will be considered ‘out of scope’ for the purpose of PCI DSS regulation and comply with other banking and finance standards, including MiFIDII, FCA, and PSD2. In addition, all personal data taken as part of the payment process is also protected, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulation.

Here’s how it works: Your agent accesses our payment system while the customer is on the line and transfers the customer to the payment system. The customer securely inputs their credit card details into a separate system that your agent cannot access. Once payment is complete, the agent receives a token linked to the customer’s name, which can be easily recorded in an email or CRM.

With our software, you can confidently handle secure and compliant payments, protecting both your business and your customers. Read on to find out more.

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Secure payments


Your team needs to take payment over the phone in a way that’s PCI compliant. This means that agents must not be able to hear or record any of the customer’s data.


A breach could lead to fines for loss of both payment data and personal data – and could result in loss of your PCI accreditation. There may be legal costs to handling a fraud investigation.


So what’s the alternative? Complying with PCI regulations in the traditional manner means investing in secure IT infrastructure, internal quality control processes and ongoing training and monitoring.


The solution is our telephony payment software that seamlessly handles customer payment in an entirely ring-fenced system:


The agent enters a secure website to process credit card transactions, while the customer remains on the line.

The customer enters their long credit card number and CVV code on their phone keypad and the details are securely sent to your preferred Payment Service Provider. The details are not seen by the agent.

When the transaction is complete. the agent will see a token on the screen that can be pasted into an email or CRM.


A seamless solution to secure payment that:

  • Adheres to the highest levels of industry compliance.
  • Your customers see is secure.
  • Costs less than additional accreditation, processes and training.
  • Allows you to use your existing equipment and phones

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We are TV and radio production company based in London and have been using VOIspeed for nearly 5 years. The size of our teams are constantly fluctuating due to the freelance industry so the fact that the technology is so flexible is a real bonus. It adapts easily to the changing number of users and extensions which is essential to us. We would highly recommend them to all companies!

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