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3 x good things this lockdown has left behind…

The sales process today has changed significantly, especially with regard to a crucial aspect: face-to-face meetings. Until now meetings were the main ingredient of each successful negotiation. In recent months though we have all focused on new ways to adapt to the new situation imposed by lockdown.

As sales people know, companies initially are sceptical about the adoption of new communication tools but with time they embrace change. Those who waited for things to return to “normal” probably were left behind, but even for those with the right evolutionary mindset, adaptation is not always easy: this is why we wanted to collect a brief analysis of 3 advantages from which we will not go back.


What are we going to keep?

Anything that can be done remotely, sometimes with greater results and significant savings in terms of time and money spent. Our clients can now be engaged in a number of ways and here at adooa we make sure you are using multiple communication channels to reach your customers.

1. Humanisation

What we have missed most is the possibility to meet people in person, face to face. Everything that is video has the great power to “humanise” us even in situations of physical distance. An email, however exhaustive, will never give us the same ability to contextualize. The video actually reproduces many verbal and non-verbal signals typical of physical encounters, such as gestures, tone of voice: it makes us more human, therefore more authentic and the perception of our value is increased.

2. Ability to summarise

Being able to deliver all the value we can offer in a reasonable short time is imperative. We must not forget that we compete for customers’ attention not only with competitors, but with their work colleagues, their family tasks and personal commitments. The possibility to condense everything we need to communicate in a shorter time through video is going to stay with us. If we tried to write the same things, it would result in a 5 or 6 paragraph email that nobody would want to read.

3. Impact

The video has greater impact and therefore can help us better understand our customer’s purchase intention. If with an email you address a large audience, the video is an important tool to segment it and identify which companies to focus the action on.

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