A natural 


with your clients

The Problem and the Solution

Establish a natural conversation with your clients with an AI powered chat.

You want your skilled staff to invest their valuable time talking to clients likely to bring business in. An AI powered chat will enable you to do just that, moving the conversation gently from a chatbot to a human.


You do not want skilled staff investing their valuable energies when they could be providing excellent service to clients who might just bring business in.


The risk is that your customers go elsewhere because they do not get a timely response and eventually your business loses competitiveness.


You are investing time and resources on establishing a conversation with your customers using the Website, Whatsapp, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Conversational AI powered Chatbots can help you move gently the conversation to a human after pre-filtering valuable opportunities.


With a seamless experience at every point of contact between your business and customers, you will significantly reduce cost and the time in processing new queries.

Scaleable solutions

We provide a completely managed service, which means that we are entirely responsible for the development process and provide timely response and short resolution time. Our competitive pricing makes us the company of choice. 

Why is important now?

Your customers are overwhelmed by information, causing them to cut short the conversation with your business much faster than ever before. Our software will help you maintain high their level of interest and hand-over the conversation when they are ready to purchase.

Keep your customers interested!

Why work with Adooa? Let's Recap

Cost and Time Saving

Feature Rich



  • Managed service - We oversee the whole development process and offer competitive pricing.
  • Time-saving - We will only suggest the best technology that suits your budget and business needs, saving  you considerable time. 
  • Working with you - Here at adooa we want to ensure the solution proposed is right for you. We will work alongside your team to analyse your business and provide solutions that bring real savings.
  • Outstanding Support - We understand the challenges of running a business and the importance of providing a relevant and timely response. Our support team is always on hand when you need help.

Some examples

Our clients have successfully implemented Conversational AI technology for these applications:
- lead generation
- technical support
- pre/after sales
- acquiring information for a legal claim
- helpline web-chat
- call center operations

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