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Why improving your CX is a good idea

The main goal that a contact centre should strive to achieve is improving the CX or Customer Experience. Why?

The reason why is a good idea to improve this metric, is that it takes, on average, about 5 times the effort (and cost) to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. In addition, an existing customer, when happy about the services provided, is 4 times more likely to generate new referrals for the business. Therefore, in the long run, an improved CX might lead to more growth to the contact centre in terms of new customers.

improving your CX

What are the ways a call centre can increase its CX?

1) Multi-channel strategy
Having a multi-channel approach on various media including facebook, Linkedin, your website or youtube. Your customers will use multiple channels, therefore it is important for the contact centre to engage and be present on all of them.

2) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The use of Artificial Intelligence with the view to establish an ongoing conversation with the client is another important way for the contact centre to increase its CX rate. Nobody likes talking to a BOT and the implementations so far, very much like to what happened during the early days of VoIP, have been very poor. They leave the customer feeling that they are none the wiser and they have been talking for 15 minutes to a bot who did not understand them or provide the right answers.

Conversational AI, instead, aims to bridge the gap between the customer and the business. However, it has to be introduced gradually, explaining that it is a way to save time, giving the information required in less time than it would take to speak to a real person. This requires some planning of course, and for the call centre to use a good and reliable technology.

At present the use of Conversational AI is increasing, its adoption is now growing and it is a must-have technology in any call centre scenario. It allows the organisation to have multiple conversations with its customers, powered by Artificial Intelligence while increasing dramatically the operators’ efficiency.

The idea of automating some boring and repetitive tasks allows a contact centre to dramatically improve its resource utilisation and make the most of people’s time. As time becomes the most valuable currency in an organisation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows people to optimise their activities, allocating their time only to the individual opportunities that are likely to bring the most revenue for the business.

3) Reporting
Aggregating information from different sources like your CRM, database, or ERP system allows the company to draw analogies that are not that obvious and can only be seen when you have an overview of the business, how customers engage with it and, in the end, how it is making money.

4) Internet of Things (IoT)
Thanks to IoT, the devices in the home (for example a fridge or washing machine) or in an office, have the capability to connect directly to the internet, therefore reducing dramatically the work required from a user’s perspective. They can notify the owner of their required maintenance or about the need to call an engineer to service them or replace parts. Contact centres can now use this technology to their advantage and intervene in the conversation with the client when there is a sale opportunity or an after-sale question.

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