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Conversational AI, ChatBot

ChatBots are a great way to have conversations with customers who only buy from your business once. However, ChatBot’s lack of flexibility and natural tone make them less ideal for a more relational clientele as well as those clients looking to establish connections over time that could lead into regular purchases down the line! Conversational AI is perfect in this case as you want an automated system that can learn about each customer on their own terms. This type of conversation can even adapt its messages based on the data collected making sure no two chats ever end up exactly alike.

Conversational AI

We have reported below the key points for both technologies:

************************* CONVERSATIONAL AI *************************


  • Conversational AI are ideal when you want to establish a relationship with the same customers over time, for repeat purchases.
  • they do not require maintenance and they learn as they go along
  • the quality of the conversation is more natural that using a ChatBot thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • input to the chat can be in form of TEXT or AUDIO (like Amazon “Alexa”)
  • can be used on many channels (websites, smart speakers, call centres, etc.)


  • more expensive as they often need lengthy integrations with your Website, CRM, Databases
  • changes to customer relationship need to be managed and communicated
  • HR concerns as staff may need to be re-allocated and trained


*************************  CHATBOTS *************************

  • simpler, less costly, they follow rules
  • suitable for less transactional customers (each customer buys only once) and establishing a relationship is not that important


  • less flexible with a clear set of rules
  • conversation is less natural
  • require maintenance to update/upgrade/modify the strategy and the rules
  • can be used only on one channel (the chat and they respond to text only)

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