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A gradual approach to engage with your customer

A gradual approach to establish a growing engagement with a new client will generate better results than a cold approach. Voice should always be in the mix of course, because people like speaking to people and we would recommend using VOIspeed as it is feature rich and cost effective. In addition, a Conversational AI tool that will allow your agents to be effective on multiple media is needed.

The approach suggested here was found to be better even for people who had to pay taxes or an outstanding debt. People engage with a technology they can trust, that they have used before, and they are comfortable with. A technology that it is easy to activate and run. As an example, a WhatsApp business message or an SMS campaign will have better results than traditional cold calling or an email campaign asking people to visit a website. One issue is that an SMS you are limited in the text you can write and having a gradual approach can help with that too.

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However, how do we convert these SMS campaigns in loyal customers? Also, how do we keep the conversation with the customer going when different channels are involved? The suggested sequence is:

SMS > WHATSAPP > GOOGLE BIZ MSG > Live Chat (on Apple or Android) > RCS

The first approach should be by SMS. Surgeries, Car Parking companies and even Local Councils are now using them effectively to collect council taxes. We then need to be mindful of the next technology we want to move the conversation to and WhatsApp (although expensive…) can help.

WhatsApp messages
People are happier to continue the conversation on a means they are comfortable with rather than opening an online Web page that, together with concerns about its content, could pose a security risk.

Instead, a WhatsApp engagement may be regarded as a better way to speak to clients and now is also available WhatsApp for Business. You can even add the QR code to your marketing material as most of the people now use it and understand how to scan it with their mobile phones. Products, website and every time you engage with a new client they can scan the QR code leading to your website, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Google Messenger for Business
The message on WhatsApp can move the conversation to a better medium that allows for one-to-one conversation at a higher level, with images or videos, exactly like your website would do.

The message from Google Business Messages ( could then open an RCS message.

Live Chat Messenger (on Apple or Android)
This technology allows the Contact Centre to tailor exactly the conversation so that the client can take only the information they need, enabling a company to provide only specific content depending on the consumer’s demand.

Rich Communication Services are secure SMS that allow a user to open (on their mobile phones) weblinks and videos that you would not be able to send with traditional SMS. Also, thanks to the security aspect of RCS, people feel more inclined to click on a link and open a new App on their phone than they would do otherwise. Adopted by Google is now available on the latest Android and Samsung devices as the main Messaging App (Apple still refuses to use RCS on its devices).

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