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Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that can help you with your daily tasks such as booking travel, ordering food or shopping for clothes. When this technology is used to power a Chat, it becomes a Conversational AI tool, like a virtual agent that learns about you over time and talks in different languages. This system uses large volumes of data, and it combines Machine Learning (ML) algorithms with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interact naturally with a user.

The Conversational AI platform is a set of algorithms that uses Machine Learning to continuously improve itself. The input grows with experience, while the output remains accurate in recognising certain patterns; this allows for more accurate predictions as it captures what people are trying to say better than ever before. Machine learning algorithms have helped analyse languages over time while NLP have enabled ML to have a natural conversation with a client.

With a conversational AI solution app, users provide input through either the website or an app. The system can analyse speech in order to generate responses. It does this by using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) processing. After the input has been analysed, a response is generated using Natural Language Generation (NLG) enabling the system to lear from the responses that it will receive.

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How do you engage your customers in a conversation with the help of AI?

You have to start asking yourself the correct questions that your clients would ask as these questions drive intent and show the end-users’ goals. Questions might be anything from the type of search someone would use for products or services, what information they need before making an investment decision and even how best can we help them by answering some common enquiries.

Answers to these questions, can then be used in developing a dialogue with the client using goal-based conversations. To set up these types of interactions you can use one or more key words/nouns from each questions which will automatically guide any responses made. Finally, it’s time to put all of the pieces together and have an engaging conversation with users.

Businesses that have implemented Conversational AI have been able to reduce significantly the time to respond to queries from their clients relieving internal employees and establishing a more productive collaboration as a result.

To talk to us about your business and for advice on how you can increase the engagement with your clients, please contact us.

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