Environmental Statement

Adooa and Sustainability

Adooa Ltd is a telecom consultancy offering cloud phone systems, software integrations, AI speech analytics, with expert advice and support. As a provider of Internet-based business phone systems we understand the significance of minimising our carbon footprint and measuring and addressing our environmental impact. Our own ambition for growth is matched by our determination to reduce our environmental impact, and we are pleased to share our Environment Statement of Intent with our valued workforce, clients, and suppliers.

Our Technological Contribution to Sustainability

Our cloud telephony solution has been instrumental in promoting sustainable business practices. We have facilitated remote communication, reducing the need for face-to-face meetings and international travel, ultimately minimising CO2 emissions. The recent introduction of our innovative App further enhances connectivity, enabling users to connect seamlessly on both IP and GSM networks.

Carbon Emissions and Reporting

While we take pride in the positive impact of our technology on travel habits, we recognise the need to address our Scope 3 emissions, in data storage and servers. To mitigate our impact, we source our data from ANS, the first 100% carbon-neutral hosting company in the UK, and one that procures energy from renewable sources.

We are committed to sustainability in our connectivity sourcing and actively engage with our suppliers to ensure their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Measuring Our Own Carbon Footprint

In 2022, we initiated the measurement of our carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) using the Clean Growth carbon calculator. While we have efficient office practices, we are yet to measure utility overheads, as these are included in our rent. Our workforce’s hybrid working environment, supported by our own technology, promotes efficiency, and reduces commuting emissions.

Additional Environmental Impacts and Recycling Initiatives

We implement recycling practices within our office, responsibly managing cardboard, plastic, and glass waste. When we provide telephony hardware, we have eliminated packaging and travel emissions by direct supplier shipments and remote configuration.  

Plans for 2024 and Beyond

In 2024 Adooa Ltd is committed to furthering our environmental stewardship. Our plans include:

  1. Workforce Training: We will provide comprehensive training on sustainability and carbon reporting for our employees.
  2. Preferential sourcing from suppliers with a carbon reduction plan
  3. Continuous Measurement: We shall measure our carbon footprint for 2023, focusing on Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  4. Net Zero Target: Setting a clear target to achieve net-zero emissions as a testament to our dedication to environmental sustainability.
  5. As part of our net zero target we shall look at offsetting and a verified scheme to plant trees for client referrals.
  6. Volunteer work: We have introduced 2 volunteer days per year, and 2 employees have contributed half a day to tree planting in 2024 to date.

Connect with Us

At Adooa we invite collaboration and feedback from our stakeholders on sustainability.

Please connect with us to share insights, suggestions, or to explore opportunities for collective efforts to reduce our environmental impact.  We look forward to these conversations and working with you!