Make your business 

more competitive

with RPA

The Problem and the Solution

Make your business more competitive with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows a business to automate repetitive and low-value processes. A business process is a sequence of activities whose end-goal is to produce value. By using RPA, a business can automate these processes, being more efficient, more competitive while people can focus on other activities.


Repetitive and low value activities, often:
- slow down your company
- can cause human errors
- take time to complete
- they need to be tested and verified
- can affect morale


Losing competitiveness:

- lower revenues
- increasing costs to do simple tasks
- people leaving the job
- more sick days


Internal staff is allocated to repetitive tasks that affect their morale. Mistakes are made, inefficiency creeps in and gradually everyone gets demotivated. In addition, customers want to see your company innovate more


Automate repetitive and low value-add jobs so that people can concentrate on more strategic activities that bring more value to the company


We have seen over a 30% increase in revenue and time saved by companies that implement RPA:
- more time saved
- projects are less costly
- better staff morale
- customers are happier and have a better perception of your brand

Scaleable solutions

Our automations work for large companies or smaller projects. Sometimes you want to test a new market or see the response from a time-limited campaign. What a better solution than renting a BOT, working for you only for the period of time you need it. 

Why it's important now?

Staff shortages mean that is more difficult than ever before to find the right people to grow your business. You want to make sure your highly skilled people are dedicated to the most value-add tasks. Everything that can be automated should be handled by a robot (or BOT).

Businesses today are also faster, more agile and bring their services to market quicker than ever before. You cannot afford being left behind. 

Your competitors are already making savings.

Why work with Adooa? Let's Recap

Cost and Time Saving

Feature Rich



  • Flexible solutions - Our robots can be rented temporarily, for the duration of the project or you can opt to buy them outright.
  • Time-saving - We will suggest the best automation for your business.
  • Working with you - Here at adooa we want to ensure the solution we propose is right for you. We will work alongside your team to analyse your business and provide solutions that bring real savings.
  • Outstanding Support - We understand the challenges of running a business and the importance of providing a timely response. Our support team is always on hand when you need help.

Some examples

  • Onboarding new users or new customers
  • Processing orders
  • Insurance claim handling
  • Bookkeeping or accounting tasks like payments and credit control
  • Complain management
  • Legal documentation
  • Web-chat messaging
  • Call center operations
  • Data migrations, validation and reporting

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