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You can grow your business with a smart cloud phone system, like VOIspeed UCloud, as your business can benefit whatever its size. Furthermore, scaling your business from 2-2000, adding users as you grow and changing premises is simple, as the phone system is intuitive and cloud-based. The video here provides an overview of the technology. Below, however, we have highlighted suggestions on how our phone system can make your company more efficient and fuel growth cumulative to its size:

Stockdale paradox
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1-2 people:
1. Advertise your business number, local to your client base e.g. 0203 if you have London based business or clients. Mobile numbers look less professional.
2. Divert your business phone line to your mobile from your User interface on your computer when off to a networking event or from the VOIspeed App. Pick up those calls from your business number wherever you are, so you don’t miss a sales call.
3. See who is calling you before you answer, to greet them by name and have a few seconds to prepare for that all important conversation.

3-10 people:
1. Greet your new clients with a professionally recorded voice message. Route your calls to different people in the office and out of hours voicemails: notice that ‘dial one for Sales’ always comes first!
2. Sharp communication: see which of your colleagues is available on their work phone whether they are in the office or working remotely, and chat to them before passing them the call.
3. Share a company phonebook and update it! ….. a simple contact management system, to help drive sales and keep customers happy.

10 – 50 people:

1. Train your sales team with our call training feature (also call monitoring/ intrusion/ whispering) where the trainer can listen to calls and suggest responses ‘call whispering’, without the person being called hearing.
2. Unify regional groups or teams y organise your phone system into departments. You can communicate as if you were in the same office: essential if you have remote offices or workers.

We provide PCI DSS compliant software that can be integrated with our VOIspeed phone systems which means that credit card payments taken over the phone will also take you out of scope of PCI DSS regulations. (See our blog post on Why PCI compliance is important for your business)

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