AI Planning

Developing your AI solution

AI is everywhere

With interest on AI growing exponentially and being in the headline of every single business magazine, it is no wonder that most companies feel compelled to include AI in their strategy. However, what are the benefits of AI and do you really need it to achieve your business objectives?

Why an AI strategy?

Many companies initiate AI projects without a seamlessly integrated AI strategy that harmonises with their operational processes, leverages internal expertise, and draws upon their industry experience acquired over years of running the business.

Even a successful company used to develop solutions internally, often embarks on a project that lasts for many months, using 3rd party untested libraries, without giving it enough thought.


The AI challenge

The problems associated with this approach are:

Ineffective Decision-Making

Lack of a coherent AI strategy can lead to inconsistent and unproductive AI initiatives, wasting important internal resources.

Solutions developed in isolation

AI projects may lead to outcomes that are not absorbed by the rest of the company, not implemented by the corporate strategy, resulting in little action afterwards.

Skills Gap

Companies often need to build the internal expertise required for AI development and implementation.

Missed Opportunities

Failing to harness AI’s potential, can result in missed competitive advantages and operational efficiencies.

How we help

An AI investment demands meticulous planning, involving a comprehensive evaluation of in-house capabilities and skills.

It necessitates the development of an AI strategy seamlessly integrated into the core fabric of the business, rather than existing as a separate entity.

Stockdale paradox



a well-defined AI strategy allows companies to stay ahead of competitors by leveraging AI capabilities effectively.

Efficiency and Productivity

implementing AI technology streamlines operations, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Innovation and Growth

AI-driven insights can lead to innovation and the development of new revenue streams.


Assessment of Capabilities

evaluate internal skills and expertise to determine if your company can develop AI in-
house effectively.

Strategic Partnering

consider partnerships with AI vendors to leverage their expertise and technology.


developing AI in-house may be worthwhile for highly specialised needs; otherwise, consider cost-effective external solutions.

Continuous Learning

invest in training and up-skilling employees to bridge the skills gap and foster AI expertise internally.

Our Solution


We will help you develop the technological strategy and consider whether to acquire AI technology externally or develop it in-house.

  • AI strategy assessment
  • Evaluation of AI capability, maturity and available skills
  • Discovery of challenges, technology impact and data availability
  • Development of use cases
  • Value mapping and ROI



Once assessing ROI, we move our attention into a production-ready solution, examining cost efficiency, user input, and accuracy.

We will also manage with you the roll-out of the technology.


We proactively monitor performance of the solution to guarantee robust and repeatable governance.

Benchmarking industry best practices and technologies, we remain informed about the latest AI advancements, assessing possible improvements for sustained scalability and sustainability.