Whether you are an owner operator or a multi-site international large contact centre, our team of highly talented UK based engineers are here to make your telephone systems work seamlessly.

Telephone System Services

Adooa offers an exceptional telephony solution with a simple to use App for your mobile or PC. Unique to our offering is that the software allows you to control the phone from your desktop or mobile. Being our own software means that we give fast technical response and customisations.

Credit Card Transaction

Our fully PCI DSS compliant platform enables businesses to take secure credit card payments over the phone. Our solution does not require the customer to share their confidential data with the call center employee because clients are able to type their details confidentially while still maintaining a one to one interaction over the phone with the agent.

Quality Control Software

Our Quality Assurance technology is powered by an AI engine that will score calls based on a statistical analysis of the words used by the agents. In short, an algorithm will measure how often some words have been repeated (or sometimes missed) by an agent during a conversation with a customer. The result is unbiased and not flowed by human error.

High Quality Support

Adooa offers extensive support to all of our customers. Our mission is to develop a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and apply this knowledge to help them succeed. We have an established team of cloud experts that come together to improve the businesses of over 1,000 customers.


Travel agencies prefer us due to the wide range of benefits our systems provide. We offers competitive call tariffs, international numbers, free calls between remote offices and the facility to integrate with a travel agency ticketing system or back office software. Furthermore, our solutions are fully scalable with the flexibility to increase or reduce the number of users based on your requirements. Ideal for seasonal businesses.


We have worked with the insurance industry for years. Our solutions ensure that the phones are fully compliant, stable and securely backed up. In addition, our software seamlessly integrates with existing databases and CRMs with reports that are sent regularly by e-mails every day or every week. Finally, we offer a Quality Control technology based on an AI engine that can analyse call recordings and score them based on words used by the agents.


Charities have benefited from Adooa’s technology in their fundraising endeavors. We monitor and keep record of all calls, allowing compliance with industry requirements and quality guidelines. Making significant saving is also an important part of our offering because with VoIP you no longer need a phone line to make calls. Our solution is fully scalable and we have the flexibility to increase or reduce the number of users based on your requirements.


Many companies in the financial sector trust Adooa due to our high-quality reporting, and the ability to easily integrate with existing CRM’s and databases. Our stable solutions are secure and have strong disaster recovery systems in place to prevent any issues or delays to your business. Put simply, you can focus on your business, and we’ll ensure the technology runs smoothly.

Our Telephone Services

A simple to use interface that allows you to control your business calls using your mobile or PC, with updated reports, dashboard and a feature-rich administration panel.


Payment Service Providers Supported

Our payment solution supports all major payment providers, ranging from PayPal to WorldPay in the safety of a fully secure and PCI compliant platform.

Why Choose Us?

Case Studies

I run a contact centre with over 30 agents. We were looking for a telephony solution to take credit card payments over the phone in a cost effective way, while maintaining our PCI compliance. Our experience has been very good with a responsive team offering solutions quickly to our requirements and setting up the system as we requested, which we now manage ourselves. As for the future, we are expanding our business thanks to the flexibility of the phone system and the use of its advanced functionalities, ease of adding and maintaining users, and quality control. At present we primarily use PCI compliant call recording, conference bridge for meeting rooms and email reporting.

David, Operations Manager

We are TV and radio production company based in London and have been using VOIspeed for nearly 5 years. The size of our teams are constantly fluctuating due to the freelance industry so the fact that the technology is so flexible is a real bonus. It adapts easily to the changing number of users and extensions which is essential to us. We would highly recommend them to all companies!

Jess, Operations Manager

We are very impressed by the service offered which is fast and tailored to our needs. Previously we had experience of ordering a broadband line over the phone and this meant spending countless hours with a call centre. In this instance the service was bespoke and the range of features available with the technology included services that we were not expecting. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Diane, Chief Executive

The phones are easy to use, installation is painless and there is no downtime. Furthermore, there has been good customer care since the installation with bespoke training and amendments to phone system settings when our company expanded recently.

Tush, Director

Brilliant solutions start here!

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