You can Offer PCI DSS Compliant Credit Card Payments for your Insurance Business in a Cost Effective Way


Using the credit card is extremely convenient to pay for insurance over the phone.

You know how big a boost it is to your insurance business when your customers can pay immediately at the end of a conversation with the sales agent. But you must be PCI DSS compliant to do this, which costs TIME and MONEY.

Furthermore, you want to have updated reports of the activities of your sales team and real time snapshots of their progress as saved in your CRM. 

Currently, all solutions available to small businesses to be PCI DSS compliant are very expensiveLuckily we have the technology, taking you out of 'scope', reducing the pain and associated costs of PCI DSS regulation when taking phone payments.


Understandably, customers are wary of giving their personal details over the phone. With our solution, your client would feel more safe and secure as they wouldn’t need to disclose their credit card information to your representative.

Our solution allows your company to be more time efficient as agents will be able to process more transactions safely.

Security and privacy for your clients. Efficiency for your agents. Stability for your business.

This is what we offer.

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Accepting Credit Card Payments over the phone and Being PCI DSS Compliant Is Costly… and You Know It!

The cost to be PCI compliant is usually high: IT infrastructure, trained personnel, internal processes.

We offer an affordable alternative which eliminates the potential consequences of operating a non-compliant system and being fined.

This solution is easier and less expensive because it ensures your office is out of scope for PCI DSS purposes.

The best part? Our system has PCI Level 1 certification which ensures that your calls are secure and fully-compliant. Also you do not need to replace the phones as you can use the existing equipment.


Full Peace of Mind With the Latest Technology

On our platform, we:

  • Regularly add new features, allowing your company to increase its competitive position in the market and offer new services to your customers. 
  • Generate weekly reports that allow you to assess productivity levels and perform quality control.
  • Utilise the latest technologies giving you multiple growth opportunities.

How Our Payment Portal Works

Sales agents will take a credit card payment over the phone as they normally would after agreeing on the best insurance product for the customer. They will stay on the phone with the client throughout the payment giving guidance as needed.

However, the key difference is that the agent will not hear the customer’s primary account number (PAN) and their card verification value number (CVV code). These numbers will be entered by the client using their phone’s keypad and safely processed by our PCI compliant network. At the end of a successful transaction, the agent will see a token on screen that can be easily pasted in your company's CRM. 

The benefits of following this PCI DSS compliant process are:

  • your business is out of scope, with all credit card information staying outside your office
  • significantly reduces the number of requirements in the PCI questionnaire (from over 360 to approximately 15)
  • your customers will feel more secure 

Taking secure payments over the phone has never been so simple.

The Problem and the Solution

At Adooa we select state of the art technology to make running your business more simple.


Sales agents take payments over the phone so your clients can pay for the insurance product that best fits their needs.

All information processed must be compliant.


The biggest risk? Losing customers forever.

- Your company may face big fines if you are not compliant.

- You may not be able to take credit card payments anymore.

- Higher costs for compliance/processing on future payments.

- Liability on possible mishandling of user's data.

- Legal costs for dealing with fraud.


Complying with PCI regulations means that you must invest in:

1. A secure IT infrastructure: reducing the risk of fraud and secure your customers’ data.

2. Internal quality control processes: protecting confidential data at all times.

3. Ongoing training: monitoring compliance by all employees and managers.


Our solution makes your business out of scope for PCI-DSS purposes in three simple steps.

The agent enters a secure website to process credit card transactions. While on the phone with the agent, the customer enters the long number and CVV code on their phone’s keypad.

Once the client has finished entering the numbers, all  details are sent securely to the Payment Service Provider and not shown to the agent.

Once the transaction has been completed the agent will see a token on the screen that can be pasted into an email or CRM.


The main benefits of using our technology and being PCI compliant:

1. Time saved

2. Reduced costs

3. Happier Customers

4. No need to replace existing equipment or phones

Watch how the technology works:

Simplifying card payments

Telephone System Services

Our VoIP-enabled business phone system allows you to make calls over the internet securely and without the need of a phone line.

Credit Card Transaction

Adooa's technology enables sales agents to take credit card payments over the phone securely, without the risk of breaching PCI-DSS regulations.

AI Quality Control 

Cutting-edge AI software that enhances productivity for your insurance business  through machine learning.

Why do you need to care?

The importance of managing customers’ personal data has increased over the past 12 months since GDPR regulations came into force. The penalties for lack of management are increasing as regulators gain control and are able to issue fines or remove services while credit card fraud soars.   

It’s now more important than ever to stay on the right side of regulations.

Payment Service Providers already supported

How do you process payments? 

Adooa's solution doesn't require you to share any confidential data with the call centre employee, instead users are able to type their details on a key pad which the agent cannot see.  All data is confidential and the agent can still process payments with ease.

Why work with Adooa? Lets Recap

Cost and Time Saving

Feature Rich



  • Cost saving procedure - The PCI DSS network we use provides the structure and quality control that would otherwise cost you much more time and money.
  • Time-saving - Adooa provides an easy to use solution that reduces the need to train employees on expensive data management and reduces risk of any data breach.
  • Expert Team - Adooa provides data driven insights that can be used to improve post-call management. Our team is highly experienced with in-house engineers who are fluent in our technology.
  • Outstanding Support - Adooa understands the difficulties of being a small business as we are one ourselves. Our team is regularly developing new features so that you are able to keep improving your offering. Our support team is always on hand to help with any issues you may have.

Paying over the phone has never been this simple or cost-effective.

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